Do Not Use Your Phone While it is Charging. You’ve Been Warned!

Truth to be told, injuries related to cell phones are not something common, but this doesn’t mean that you are perfectly safe. A teenage girl named Gabbie Fedro suffered some intense burns due to the overheated cell phone charger. In fact, this malfunctioning charger sent her straight to the hospital with second-degree burns.

Do Not Use Your Phone While it is Charging. You’ve Been Warned!

Namely, Gabbie was using a LD d500 by T-Mobile, one of her best Christmas gifts ever. However, one day, Gabbie’s dad heard loud noise and screaming from her room. After a couple of second she saw Gabbie holding her neck and crying. Her mother confirms that everything looked like a scene from a horror movie. They couldn’t believe that this problem was caused by a cell phone charger.

But, this is not the only case of injury caused by a charger. The vast majority of this type of injuries is caused by overheated battery (lithium-ion variety) which results in explosions and burns.

Two years ago, a malfunctioning USB charger produced powerful current all over the body of a mother from Australia (Sheryl Anne Aldeguer). She was talking on her cell phone which was being charged at the moment. However, this accident results in her death. This terrible accident forced the sellers and operators to issue warnings about the use of uncertified chargers.

Unfortunately, these are not the only cases of serious injuries caused by chargers. Let’s take a close look at some other examples:

  • Apple has reported about a woman from China three years ago that lost her life after using a malfunctioning charger. The management of Apple performed a thorough investigation and warned their users about the possible dangers of the use of 3rd party, unrecognized chargers.
  • Six year ago, a young kid from Colorado experienced 3rd degree burns after she placed an USB cable by Apple in the mouth. The other end of the cable was placed in a laptop.

We should point out that none of these incidents was related to an original and approved cell phone charger that was plugged and used in a proper way. We all know that thousands of people are using their phones when they are still charging without any problems.


However, it is always a better idea to use a good charger and in case you are not using one, don’t talk on your phone while it is charging.